Academia Fujiyama Program (AFP)

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Academia Fujiyama Program (AFP)

Eligibility of Applicant: An International student who is endrolled in unversities in Japan
Application Deadline: July 23, 2017
Course Duration: August 25, 2017 to September 1, 2017 (8 days)

Seminars and fieldwork on culture, history and scientific issues related to Mt. Fuji
Guided excursions (nature, historical sites and festivals)

Participants should attend every seminar and fieldwork of AFP.
Participants are expected to interact with the students from Tsuru University.
Participants should respond to the interview by members of  unversity staff after the program.


AFP General Information


Why do Japanese people consider Mt. Fuji a sacred place?
Why has Mt. Fuji inspired lots of arts and crafts?
Why is Mt. Fuji located between Yamanashi Prefecture and Shizuoka Prefecture?
What is the meaning of the festival in Fujiyoshida when huge burning torches are set up all over the town?
What are the Sengen Jinja (volcano shrines) around Mt. Fuji?
What Japanese myths are there related to volcanoes and Mt. Fuji, and how do the people worship them?
Why were women not allowed to enter Mt. Fuji in the past?
Why are there five big lakes around Mt. Fuji on the Yamanashi side?
Why are there lots of water springs located in the areas around Mt. Fuji?

These are the examples of some questions about Mt. Fuji, a World Cultural Heritage Site.
Share your interests and questions related to Mt. Fuji with the Academia Fujiyama facilitators and other students, and deepen your knowledge of Japan.

The AFP at Tsuru University is designed as an introduction to sociology, history, geology and volcanology in Japan. The AFP provides fieldwork experiences and seminars about culture, history and scientific issues concerning Mt. Fuji. Tsuru University also provides guided excursions to a interesting festival in Fujiyoshida (fire festival), as well.

Program Fees

FREE for international students.
Program includes accommodation, seminars and fieldwork, guided excursions, orientation and health insurance for the AFP.
Program DOESN’T INCLUDE meals and transportation to (from) Tsuru University from (to) the applicants’ domicile.


Language for the AFP

English or Japanese



Tsuru University dormitory



Participants can buy meals at supermarkets and restaurants in front of Tsuru University.


Application Procedures

Applicants should send the following documents to Tsuru University trough the special web page.

  Completed AFP application (by a special web page)

  >>>AFP Application web page(The reception was closed.)


Application Deadline

2017 / 7 / 23
The completed application form and other materials must reach Tsuru University by July 23, 2017.
If there are more than 5 applicants, participants will be selected by application documents and committee decision.


Contact Address

COC Research Organization
Tsuru University, 3-8-1 Tahara, Tsuru
402-8555 Yamanashi Japan
TEL 0554-43-4341


Program Overview (the order of the program may be changed because of the weather and participants’ interests)

Day 1 (August 25, Friday) Arrivals and Registration
Day 2 (August 26, Saturday) Afternoon: Orientation and Seminar: life in Tsuru and Mt. Fuji
Evening: Guided excursion (fire festival at Fujiyoshida)
Day 3 (August 27, Sunday) Afternoon: Seminar at Yamanashi Prefectural Museum
Day 4 (August 28, Monday) Guided excursion and fieldwork: one of the Fuji five lakes and Mt. Fuji
Kitaguchi Sengenjinja shrine
Mt.Fuji 5th station
Lake Kawaguchi
Day 5 (August 29, Tuesday) Afternoon: Yamanashi specialty “weaving” lesson
Day 6 (August 30, Wednesday) Morning: Fieldwork related to water sources in Tsuru and Mt. Fuji
Day 7 (August 31, Thursday) Afternoon: Seminar at Chateau Mercian Museum
Evening: Guided excursion (end of summer festival in Tsuru)
Day 8 (September 1, Friday) Preparation for Departure
Optional excursions Lunches at Udon restaurants serving local specialties / enjoying stellar and flying squirrel observations etc.


 2017ENG_akademiafujiyama.pdf (PDF 895KB)