Tina Noregren講演会 ーNordic Outdoor Education & Didactics ー

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Nordic Outdoor Education & Didactics

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The presentation in Nordic outdoor education and didactics is about how to use the outdoor settings as a didactic and pedagogic tool in learning and education. The presentation will show the Nordic countries perspective on outdoor education and relate it to Nordic nature, culture and school traditions. The presentation will feed with both practical examples as well as theoretical background perspectives.

Keywords in Nordic outdoor education is practical, authentic and outdoor learning environments with a largely use of working cross-curricular. The purpose is to inspire the participant to develop the field outdoor education in a Japanese contest. 


日にち    7月6日(木)

時 間    16:30~18:00

場 所    都留文科大学 2201教室

参 加    無料(事前予約なし)


お問い合わせ 国際教育学科事務室  0554-43-4341(代) 



Profile; Tina Noregren

Presentation by Tina Noregren.  Ma in Social Education, National school consultant in Outdoor Education.
Assistant Professor, University College Zealand, Denmark.








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