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The copyright and any other rights regarding the contents posted on this website (text, images, photographs, various data, etc.) belong to This University and information providers.
These contents (text, images, photographs, various data, etc.) are protected by Japanese copyright act and treaties, as well as foreign copyright laws, and any use outside the scope of personal use is not allowed. Also, the contents may not be modified, copied, rented, leased, sold, published, sent, or broadcasted in any form or by any means for use of a third party without the authorization of the right holder.
However, should any other terms and conditions for use be stated in the contents, those terms and conditions are given precedence.


This University’s website considers web accessibility in its composition, and works with voice browser reading functions.

Compatibility with Voice Browsers

When using a text-to-speech function, the reading aloud of text in selected areas with a synthesized voice via operation of the keyboard is possible.
This makes it possible for those with poor eyesight or blindness to access the website’s contents.

Principles in Correspondence with Text-To-Speech Software

  • which the text-to-speech software will read the text. 
  • Platform-dependent characters, which are incompatible with text-to-speech reading, are not used.
  • Consideration is given to images, and text that explains what the image shows is included in part of the coding data  so that text-to-speech software can read it.

Note: Although the website is constructed using the principles above, in accordance with the layout, parts of the reading order in the tables used by text-to-speech software may be incompatible, or depending on the text-to-speech software, it may not be able to read the text well.

Text-To-Speech Software

Text-to-speech software is necessary to read aloud the information on the website.
Detailed information about a representative piece of software is available below:

IBM Home Page Reader