Support with Foreign Students

HOMEEnglishGlobalSupport with Foreign Students

Find out about the support we offer to foreign students studying at our university here.

Tutoring System

留学生支援1A tutoring system with student tutors provided at Tsuru University to support foreign students studying at our university.

Main Activities

  • 留学生支援2Support for a comfortable life in Tsuru City
  • Support regarding Japanese and studying
  • Welcome/farewell parties (planning and implementation)
  • Speech contests within the university (planning and implementation)
  • Japanese culture events
  • School festivals, etc.
  • Hikes up Mt. Fuji and trips to surrounding areas
  • Other things that would be fun to do with foreign students

1 credit as either “International Exchange Training I & II” or “International Exchange Seminar I & II” each can be acquired with tutoring activities.

Applications are taken as they come. Check this website and bulletin boards on campus.
Feel free to make inquiries at the Study Abroad/International Exchange Room.

Inquiry e-mail address: kokusai(the @ symbol goes here)