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The campus is situated on a gentle mountain slope that is spacious and relaxing.
Abundant with trees that blossom and change colors with the seasons.
Nature's soft breezes that passes through.
Animals from the mountain pass through and help make a lively campus life.




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Fine Arts Building
The building sits at a rather high position that is by the streets on the east side of the university. Work laboratories available for drawings/paintings, woodblock prints, sculptures, crafts, and more.

Natural Science Building
The building features a circular dome for star gazing. There are science laboratories for earth science, physics, chemistry, biology and other science fields.

Research Center for Community Collaborations and COC Research Organization
These resource centers provide support for interactions with the community and research activities. They are located in Building No.4.

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Building No. 4
The building features the Career Support Center, Health Care Center, Information Center, Global Communication Center and other resources.

Building No. 2
There are lecture theaters where lectures and departmental extension courses are held. There are also administrative offices and teaching staff offices for the Department of Social Sciences.

Information Education Classroom
There are classrooms on the first floor of Building No.1 and on the fourth floor of Building No.2. When there are no lectures scheduled, the students are free to use the classrooms.

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Co-op (Cooperative association at Tsuru University)
Books, stationary, writing tools, daily necessities, and electric appliances are available for sale at the member’s price. Members can also apply for tests and examinations.

Communication Hall
The second floor acts as a place for announcements on independent student activities, such as theater, music, dance and exhibitions. The first floor cafeteria is open until 8:00 p.m..

Tsuru University Gymnasium
As a nickname, it is also referred to as “Buntai.” It is used for physical education classes and extracurricular activities together with the adjacent “Tsuru Municipal Gymnasium.”

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1st Club Building
Built in 2013. There are rooms for the various clubs and groups including the sports club that is part of the athletic association.

Student Cafeteria
There is a break and lounge area on the first floor of the Administration Building. There are daily and weekly lunch specials, as well as rice bowls and noodle dishes. The bakery is also quite popular.

Music Building
The third floor has some piano practice rooms, and the second floor has classrooms. There are also professional recitals held in the M Hall on the first floor.

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Administration Building
The Administration Building is a central part of the university’s main functions, and features the University Office, the President’s Office and meeting rooms. There is also the Center for Teacher Education and Development and the teaching staff office.

Public Square in front of the Administration Building
Located in the center of campus. The square is also used for band concerts and dance performances, where the viewers or audience uses the steps seating.

Building No. 3
This building offers foreign language classes. There is also an office for the Department of Comparative Study of Cultures, a teaching staff office and a multimedia LL classroom.

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Building No. 1
Built in 1966. The building features an entrance that is reminiscent of modernism architecture from the 1960s. Many lectures are held here.

Campus Library
As a project for the 50th anniversary of our university’s establishment, this library was completed in 2006. This is four-story library accommodates a collection of approximately 460,000 books, and is a proud addition to Tsuru University.

International Exchange Hall
This dormitory primarily houses international exchange students. Japanese students can visit the hall freely, and there is also an open space for student interactive activities.

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Musasabi no Mori
This forest is populated by wild flying squirrels. 30 minutes after the sun goes down, the squirrels start to come out and can be seen throughout the year.

Tsururin (Building No.1 Biotope)
There are approximately 70 different types of plants that are raised. There are various creatures that come and visit: wild mice, martens, raccoon dogs, wild birds and insects.

Building No.5
The classrooms provide students with all types of class styles including group study, debates and discussions, and the commons area enables students to actively learn.