List of Recent Master's Thesis Titles

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The following is a list of recent Master's thesis titles.


  • Teaching arithmetic to eliminate a child’s disdain for math
  • Significance and role of a school counselor
  • Vision of learning with a sense of accomplishment tied to one’s life
  • Learning about sex and thinking about the life
  • Current eating habits and dietary education
  • Significance of teaching materials about soil
  • Shifting from class group instruction by educators to class groups focused on children learning independently
  • School possibilities by shifting to a lifelong education system
  • Today’s issues in arts and crafts education
  • Study of current environmental problems and environmental education using aquatic environments as teaching material
  • Ideal teachers that children embrace – Who are the teachers that stay with you?-
  • Impact and effect of interactive games and programs on class groups
  • Children expressing their inner voice in words – Japanese class that develops communicative ability –
  • Schools where children live – Investigation and proposal for a “place to stay” –
  • Relationship between the perception of the current lifestyle and an autobiographical memory in the elderly
  • Significance of communication activities in school education
  • Study of practical education for ADHD children
  • Study of motives in school life – Helping children enjoy school –
  • Origin of school issues – Reflection from problems of truancy and bullying –
  • Problems of irregular employment and unemployment in youths and school
  • Considering classes that enhance learning motivation
  • Understanding children during class lessons
  • Reflecting on the future of public education – Educational reform through Tokyo educational policies –
  • What teacher groups should be to help teachers grow
  • Possibilities of picture books – Hand-made picture books –
  • How teachers understand children?
  • Creating classes for children to learn independently – Learning from Hama Omura’s practical Japanese lessons
  • Education on isolated islands – Considering education on Niijima –