Literature Course Major Program

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Literature Course Major Programs(Education Program)

Pursuing an advanced specialty using a practical approach in "Today's" educational institutions

Features of learning approach

Specialization certificates can be acquired in one year
Students can acquire specialized knowledge in pedagogy building on their departmental studies. They not only learn research methods about today’s educational issues but can also further their educational skill level in their specialized field. The specialization certificate can not only be acquired in the one year program but is the equivalent to a Masters Course (two years) that graduate students complete.
Curriculum that focuses on educational practices
The most compelling feature is not just the field experience interacting with children that are learning but researching the educational approach and method used in schools. Our curriculum is focused on educational and classroom practices in the school. Its design is quite unique when looking at Japan on the whole and it supports our high employment rate for this major.
Environment with small group study that facilitates friendly competition
The annual enrollment for this major is about 10 students. Thanks to the small number of students, each one receives careful instruction and attention. The students can thoroughly look and think about each topic, discuss them and acquire definitive knowledge to help them continue to grow.
High motivation for teaching and employment rate for teachers
The special research room is provided for students in this program. Students congregate there not only for classes but can prepare for teaching staff employment examinations. The room provides an opportunity for the students to encourage and help one another, enabling each of them to grow and ultimately helping support a high employment rate for teaching positions.