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General Education(General courses and general specialized courses)

Cultivating a rich humanity and providing a broad range of education

Features of learning approach

Becoming more informed about issues and developing a broader perspective as a foundation to engage in more advanced studies
Students will become more informed about current issues and learn how to look at things from different angles, which is the foundation in university studies. A wide range of studies are available in general education, offering students the opportunity to broaden their perspective and cultivate basic skills that can enable them to engage in more advanced studies and to expand the breadth of their experience as human beings.
Promoting empathy and nurturing resourcefulness required as a member of modern society
Students develop not only resourcefulness but empathy in order to analyze the problems others face and the issues in society, to examine substance of those issues and to formulate a solution to improve the conditions. The general education promotes resourcefulness and empathy through various topics, and cultures the students in order to become active in society and teaching in the classroom.
General courses and general specialized courses offer a wide breadth of education and develop study skills
First and second year students engage in basic general courses, and starting from their third year, students engage in general specialized courses. This course program is very effective in teaching students by offering related courses. One of the greatest strengths of this program is being able to look comprehensively at various issues that modern society faces without being partial to a particular academic field.
Many information technology related courses are available to broaden the studies covered for IT
Information technology has become needed for various reasons and its application can be effective. Programming education in elementary schools will begin in 2020, and its importance will continue to increase more and more. There are a number of IT related courses available as general specialized courses at the university, with a broad range of learning options that cover both theory and practical skills.