Department of Japanese

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Department of Japanese

Uncovering the essence of Japan's proud culture and traditions.

Features of learning approach

Examining the essence of Japanese culture by studying Japanese language and literature.

Exploring the breadth and depth of Japanese language and literature
Despite many universities reducing their sizes or renaming their departments, our university has maintained its name of the “Department of Japanese” in accordance with its traditions and achievements. Students pursue a broad range of fields in education and research from the classics to modern times, and also explore the modern “Department of Japanese” while considering communication on a global level.
Basic seminars that cover all fields
First and second year students complete a broad range of general and specialized courses. They take basic seminars as part of their requirements in Japanese language studies, classical literature, modern literature, Chinese literature, and learn practical ways to create documents and give oral presentations as well as skills that become the foundation for research activities. Third year students begin selecting seminars and start researching more specialized areas of study that they are interested in.
Related courses offering broader and more in-depth study
The related courses offer more in-depth study in areas related to the student’s research. There are classes where students actually take a look at cultural assets and the locale for literary pieces, classes where students learn about the interaction and effects between Japanese literature and literature from other countries, as well as classes that cover Japanese culture in English.
Wide spectrum of research topics available from the "Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves" to Haruki Murakami and advertising
Fourth year students select and research their chosen topics to complete their graduation theses. Literature is the study of the written word that discusses mankind, society and history. Exploring literature exposes the intricacies of Japanese culture. As students of the Department of Japanese, students are in a unique position to not only learn about classic figures by studying the classics, but are also able to examine films, advertising language and modern Japan.