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Department of Global Education

Fostering 21st century skills for innovative education

What is GED?

kokusai_img_main.jpgDepartment of Global Education (GED) prepares students to become global educators through our bilingual courses (Japanese and English). All students will study abroad in one of our partnership universities in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, and Finland) for a full semester (4-6 months) to learn teaching, learning and education from international perspectives.

Students will be eligible for an International Baccalaureate Educators Certificate (IBEC) by completing the mandatory courses offered by GED.

Who studies at GED?

While GED offers variety of courses on teaching, learning and education, not all students intend to become teachers. Our belief is that the knowledge and expertise students gain at GED will be effective regardless of the career they choose, as it is essential to foster learning and growth of both colleagues and of yourself for professional development in any fields.

Also, every year GED accepts students from our partnership universities in the Nordic countries in the fall semester. Through interactions with students from different countries, GED students are expected to grow cultural and social awareness fundamental in understanding global and international education.


Our Partnership Universities for T-SAP

  1. UCC (University College Capital) : Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Metropolitan University College:Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. University College Absalon:Roskilde, Denmark
  4. VIA University College:Risskov, Denmark
  5. University College of Northern Denmark Aalborg:Aalborg, Denmark
  6. University College Syd:Haderslev, Denmark
  7. University College Lillebaelt:Odense, Denmark
  8. Uppsala University:Uppsala, Sweden
  9. Åbo Akademi University:Vaasa, Finland


Those interested in studying at GED as an exchange student, click here for details of our exchange program (T-SAP; Tsuru Study Abroad Program).


Click here for GED students’ page (currently under construction).

Why GED?

Interdisciplinary curriculum recognized by IB
The International Baccalaureate (IB) program, its curriculum, and the underlying educational philosophy have attracted significant attention in Japan with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology announcing its aspiration to increase IB certified schools in Japan. Tsuru University was accredited by the IB organization in 2016, and GED was founded the following year to prepare students to become able to teach as IB certified educators. GED offers the IB certificate in teaching and learning, PYP, MYP, DP in its undergraduate program.
Full-semester study abroad program
All GED students will study in one of our partnership universities in the Nordic countries for a full semester in our study abroad program (T-SAP: Tsuru Study Abroad Program). By learning about teaching, learning and education in countries with different cultural and social backgrounds, students are expected to broaden their perspectives on education and to gain deeper understanding on the characteristics and strength of Japanese education systems, culture, and practices.