Department of Global Education

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Department of Global Education

Forging and promoting 21st century education

The new department opened in April, 2017.

Features of learning approach

Using the world as model in the “Co-creation project” to foster creative leaders.

First IB university in Japan
Talks to integrate the International Baccalaureate (IB) program into various educational institutions continue to gain momentum. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced that its target of having 200 IB schools by 2020. This department is the sole department where the IB philosophy and skills can be learned, and the university is the first in Japan to become formally accredited as an IB university from the IB organization.
Developing global professionals needed in society
This program promotes problem solving skills through investigation based active learning as well as engages students in debate, which helps sharpen communication skills such as argument, presentation and negotiation skills. In addition, students learn about the history, culture and religion in other countries, which form the foundation to become active on a global level.
Focusing on practical English language skills
Most of the courses are available as bilingual classes on a daily basis. In addition, English language educational study is offered in small groups starting from the first year and focuses on what students can do using English and what can be accomplished. The program’s goal is to help students get a TOEFL (iBT) score of 80 points before the first semester of their second year so that they can advance their English level at a good pace when studying abroad.
6 month abroad program to study at a university in Denmark in education
In the second semester of their second year, all participants go to Denmark in an exchange program. The students can acquire units and learn about education practices while working as a teaching assistant in the university’s education program for elementary and junior high schools. After returning from abroad, students deepen their understanding in their fields of specialization, acquire skills and explore 21st century education with Japanese culture as its foundation.