General Education

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General Education(General courses and general specialized courses)

Cultivating a rich humanity and providing a broad range of education

Features of learning approach

Developing basic skills needed by modern professionals
Students not only acquire basic skills as a university student but receive a general education to broaden their knowledge as a person. The program offers studies in a number of fields so that the students can learn, become aware of problems and broaden their perspective, all of which are essential to survive in the complex modern times.
Core general courses are "Liberal Arts," "Foreign Language" and "Physical Education"
General education at this university is comprised of the general courses that first and second year students complete and the general specialized courses that students complete after their third year. The general courses cover “Liberal Arts” that students acquire as basic knowledge, “Foreign Language” that includes French, Spanish, German and other languages, as well as “Physical Education,” which helps students develop physical strength.
General specialized courses to enhance knowledge and skills
The goal of the “General specialized courses,” which is different from a “Field of specialization,” is to enhance the knowledge and skills of the students by building upon the foundation acquired in the general courses.” The courses are designed to make learning more effective by linking them with general courses, such as the integration of “International cultural experience” as an extension that builds on “Foreign language” education.
Many information technology related courses are available to broaden the studies covered for IT
Information technology has become needed for various reasons and its application can be effective. Programming education in elementary schools will begin in 2020, and its importance will continue to increase more and more. There are a number of IT related courses available as general specialized courses at the university, with a broad range of learning options that cover both theory and practical skills.