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Department of English

Advanced English communication skills to "spread the students' wings" across the global stage

Features of learning approach

Developing professionals to be active in global business using English.

Studying literature, culture and language from English speaking countries
Students engage in specialized studies on literature, culture and language from English speaking countries. The wide range of views, analytical skills and insight that are developed here will provide a platform to gain experience. In addition, this program will develop students so they can acquire communicative skills in English through their studies as well as be able to interact and exchange ideas with diverse people on an international stage.
Refining and advancing English language skills
The department offers basic and development courses in order to advance the English language skills of the students in stages depending on the individual skill level of the student. There are also seminars available to provide support for acquiring qualifications, such as TOEFL. In addition, students can take time during lunch breaks and after class to practice English conversation and speak freely with native faculty members at E-space.
Global Career Program (GCP)
This is a unique program that is specific to this department. The students develop advanced communication skills, presentation skills and other related skills by taking specific classes, completing courses, doing homework assignments during summer break and participating in official department clubs or groups, in order to attain a Grade 1 level in the EIKEN Test, achieve a score of 850 or greater in TOEIC and/or a score of 100 or greater in the TOEFL (iBT) before graduation.
Various chances available to go abroad
Studying abroad is encouraged. Off-campus classes such as “Current affairs in the Anglosphere” are available during long vacation breaks. And not only is there a number of study abroad programs at the university but we also introduce students to excellent programs outside of the university. Students can take advantage of adjusting their curriculums and/or distance learning for seminars to ensure they can graduate in four years.