Faculty of Letters

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Faculty of Letters

In accordance with its philosophy as an “Institution of Human Exploration,” Tsuru University seeks to develop leaders who take on a far-reaching, global approach to the world while being rooted in the local community.
The Faculty of Letters offers 2 pillars of learning: general courses in the faculty and specialized courses in each department, which together provide a unique curriculum that develops a healthy mind and body, encourages a broader perspective and cultivates a rich education complimented by a profound sense of humanity.


  • Department of Japanese

    Conducting a broad and in-depth study of the Japanese language and Japanese literature, and examining the essence of Japanese culture.

  • Department of English

    Building English language skills, examining literature, language and culture in the Anglosphere and developing real citizens of the world that can interact on the world stage.

  • Department of Comparative Study of Cultures

    Developing leaders that will forge new cultures by looking at the problems in the modern world from a global perspective and exploring the relationship between different cultures.

  • Department of Global Education

    Fostering world class creative leaders in education to become active in various fields by using the creativity based in Japanese culture and raising it from a community level to a global stage.

  • Department of Teacher Education

    Training teachers who can achieve rich learning with a unique curriculum conforming to accumulated knowledge and the classroom.(Scheduled to start in April, 2018)

  • Department of Community and Society

    Focusing on practical classes and developing professionals with a global perspective that can be active in the community.(Scheduled to start in April, 2018)