Practical Studies of Clinical Education Program

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Admission policy

The program seeks candidates with basic knowledge related to the specialty of the teacher and a strong awareness of problems related to children's achievements, academic instruction and educational practices. In particular, candidates must be self-motivated to delve further into their research topics, holding both a practical and theoretical interest in the education of children.

Curriculum policy

This program offers specialized studies with a focus in either clinical pedagogy or educational clinical psychology, in order to cultivate the ability of the student to further their clinical understanding of children and explore the methods of academic instruction based on its mutual relationship with that understanding. The study of clinical pedagogy focuses on researching cases of children who have difficulties from a social or cultural point of view. On the other hand, the study of educational clinical psychology includes a curriculum in which the student can acquire the qualifications of a school psychologist. In addition, the program places emphasis on practical studies of education as part of the general courses so that the student can examine academic instruction in a practical classroom environment at the Tsuru University Elementary School, etc.

Diploma policy

Students in this program must select a research topic from two specialized fields or research in education practices. Faculty members provide instruction and direction necessary for students to conduct their research, such as investigation and methodology, in order to complete their master's thesis, which is a culmination of their masters course work. Working educators must also complete their master's thesis and can objectify their own practical work experience and use it as an opportunity to retrain, reinvestigate and advance their skills. The program offers instruction and direction in the students' research and education, thereby providing them with a specialty and skill set to work as an educator.