Japanese Program

Admission policy

Our candidates must have basic knowledge in Japanese literature, Japanese language studies, Chinese literature or Japanese language educational studies. They also must have a strong interest in and a broad understanding of Japanese culture. This program also seeks candidates who are motivated to do advanced research in a field of specialization.

Curriculum policy

This program offers a comprehensive and historical approach in ancient Japanese literature, medieval literature, middle age literature, early modern literature, modern literature, Japanese language studies, Chinese literature and Japanese language educational studies. This approach also orchestrates and implements the best curriculum for students to investigate individual topics in separate fields.

Diploma policy

Students work with faculty advisors that support their chosen research fields and receive detailed instruction and specific direction necessary for research, such as on their topic, investigation, methodology, in order to complete their master's theses, which is a culmination of their masters course work. Working educators must also complete their master's theses, using the opportunity to retrain and reinvestigate to further develop their skills. The academic instruction and research in this program enhance the specialty of the student and offer them skills that can help them examine their field of research from multiple angles and adopt a flexible approach in both Japanese literature and language.