3 Policies Regarding the Education Program in Literature Course Major Program

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Admission policy

Specialization Certificates That Can Be Gained in One Year

The Education Program in the Literature Course Major Program has a 20-year history since the program’s establishment. Amidst various topics being raised over the education of children, the program was established in order to meet the demands of the educational world, which was calling for more expertise than ever. To answer these demands, this program aims to provide the acquisition of specialized knowledge in pedagogy focused on school education studies, and is built on a foundation of educational training for teachers within the department.
Students in this program ask for a raise in their motivation to enter the teaching profession and advancement in their specialized educational capabilities through the program.
Also, by completing the things above, program students can gain specialization certificates which encapsulate the fruits gained by those who have completed graduate school.

Curriculum policy

Curriculum with a Focus on Educational Practice

The distinctive feature of this program is studying the content and methods of teaching at a school while gaining contact with the classes’ subjects—the children. A program with a curriculum made up of educational practice and lesson practice in a school as its focus is particularly rare, even around the country.
In special class subject seminars, each of the program students can begin to envision what their own class might be like, thinking of the content and methods used in classes of the subjects elementary schools call for. And through pedagogy research methods, they can exchange ideas on how to view, analyze, and handle various educational problems, and further delve into the contents of those exchanges. The knowledge gained from discussion by a small number of around 10 participants proves a valuable tool in painting a picture of what kind of teacher they can become.

Diploma policy

High Teacher Employment Success Rates and a Desire to Enter the Teaching Profession

The admiration of the teaching profession held by students in this program is strong, and the value of being passionate even in their attitudes toward studying is built up both on and outside of campus. This is a product of program students constantly gathering in the Program Room, which they often think of as their “second home,” and cooperating and cheering each other on not only with their work in the program, but also things like preparation for the teaching staff employment examination.
The rate of students who pass the teaching staff employment examination is extremely high here, and every year, we have a record of a success rate close to 100% in teacher employment.
Even more, employment not only in big cities, but in program students’ individual hometowns, where the need for new teachers is typically low, is common.