Department of Global Education

Admissions policy

Students with an interest in International Baccalaureate Education or 21st century education and who want to be educators or practitioners in the field.

The Department of Global Education aspires to train educators who can provide education suited for the 21st century with a focus on International Baccalaureate education in elementary, junior high, and high schools both domestic and abroad, as well as cultivate those with the ability to be active in an international sense. As many of our classes are conducted in English and bilingually, we seek out students who have an interest in global issues, and who want to further their English abilities and resourcefulness.

Curriculum policy

To nurture language ability in order to be able to participate in classes in English and to learn the skills required by modern society such as critical thinking, communication, discovering challenges and problem solving through research-based liberal arts education.

Our curriculum is primarily composed of subjects which allow students to acquire educator certificates from IB (International Baccalaureate), a program with distinctive features like investigative cooperative learning, as well as global studies subjects. It also features half-year studies abroad and internships both within and outside of Japan. Classes focus on active learning and are conducted in the form of fieldwork and workshops, letting students find their own topic, investigate and analyze it, and discuss it through presentations, etc.

Diploma policy

People with global perspectives, able to learn actively and educate in an investigative manner—those able to be internationally active and contribute to the creation of community.

In the pursuit of world peace and a better society, we send out into the world life-long learners filled with the spirit of discovery who think both critically and creatively, are able to take in knowledge and apply it, have a sense of balance and consideration for others, and while cooperating with those around them, continue to challenge themselves in their assignments with a sense of conviction.