Department of English

Admissions policy

The Department of English seeks new students who meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a basic scholastic ability equivalent to high school level.
  • Are interested in acquiring English language skills.
  • Are interested in the literature, culture and language of English speaking countries and have related experience.
  • Wish to demonstrate communicative abilities in the international community, seek a leadership role with a global perspective, and use different forms of media to try to stay abreast of current events around the world on a routine basis.

Curriculum policy

The goal of the Department of English is to foster student' ability to use English as a global language, and deepen their understanding of the literature, language and culture of English speaking countries. This promotes a more flexible mentality and stimulates intellectual curiosity, which in turn helps the student develop into more internationally-minded people that can exchange ideas with people from all over the world. In addition, the curriculum is designed so that students can acquire a teacher’s licence.

  • First and second year students complete required courses (and required elective courses) from a list of basic English courses. In addition, students complete the required units to graduate by taking either English development courses, core courses or specialized courses in a given field according to the student’s grade level, enabling the students to advance their studies.
  • Students complete a general seminar as a course requirement in the first semester of their first year. The goal of this course is to learn basic knowledge and techniques to create reports and at the same time build personal relationships of trust between new incoming students and faculty.
  • First and second year students mainly focus on taking basic English courses that strengthen English language skills and core specialized courses.
  • The seminars for third and fourth year students are divided into 2 areas: “Literature and culture seminars” and “Language and culture seminars.” Each student selects a seminar from those areas and follows a systematic course of study toward their goal, choosing from specialized courses in a variety of fields.
  • Students advance and develop their studies in seminars and consolidate what they learned and use it toward their graduation thesis.

Diploma policy

Our goal is to develop the students’ English language skills, and help them research literature and culture, or language and culture, of English speaking countries. In addition to acquiring English skills, we strive to foster students with specialized knowledge that can be applied internationally.

  • Students gain practical and specialized English language skills that can be applied in various areas.
  • Students acquire a specialty and advanced academic knowledge in literature and culture, or language and culture, of English speaking countries.