Our university offers a wide breadth of intensive courses in teacher training. Our record of excellence in teaching has lead to many of our students becoming exceptional teachers.

Our university is a leader in the field of education, with over 60 years of service since its foundation in 1953, as a teachers training college. The university grew from a junior college with the Department of Primary Education and the Department of Japanese, to a four-year university in 1960, and the Department of English, the Department of Social Sciences and the Department of Comparative Study of Cultures were later added. As a result, there are five academic departments under the Faculty of Letters. Furthermore, after setting up the Clinical Education Practice Major under the Department of Primary Education, we used the same model to incorporate graduate courses in all five departments. In 2005, the university’s new library opened.  Department of Global Education started in 2017. Furthermore, the Faculty of Liberal Arts opens April, 2018. Under the Faculty of  Liberal Arts, there are two departments, including Teacher Education and Community and Society.

In 2009, we shifted from a conventional municipality university to a public university corporation. We are working to become a university where teachers and students learn together. One in twelve people living in Tsuru City is a student of Tsuru University. The bond between the students and the local community is a warmth that cannot be found in any other place. We are pleased with our teachers, and the growth of our students during their four years of learning at our university. We proudly acknowledge that our system of education and studies has a depth that has been cultivated over years of teacher training, combined with the enthusiasm to adapt to modern times.