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Transformation to flat design with a project for the 60th Anniversary of Tsuru University's Establishment!

As a project for the 60th anniversary of this university’s establishment, we first made the former school emblem into a flat design better suited to today’s media, and recreated it for higher visibility in web environments, etc. We accordingly created a kanji logo and a Roman alphabet logo in the same way, and went one step further by creating a new combination logo made by the pairing of those logos and the school emblem.
However, due to the lasting fondness for the characters in the former kanji logo written in Reisho-tai (clerical script) style, we asked former assistant professor Masaaki Miyazawa to once again create it for use with the alumni association. It shows our feelings of gratitude to graduates, teaching faculty who have contributed to this university’s development, and other related persons.
We’ve created a new color scheme, with sub colors for teaching faculty, students, and the alumni association in addition to the school color, TU Emerald. The school color, blue with a tinge of purple (Egyptian Blue), that was used until now will live on as one of the sub colors (TU Blue).
Also, the universal font Meiryo, recommended for its smart and sophisticated look, has been set as the new font. It has a great compatibility with both the new kanji logo and the Roman alphabet logo, and highly versatile design in web and printing mediums, as well as on printouts from home computers.
The following guide stipulates things like methods of use as a user interface manual to ensure easy-to-understand and proper use of the new school emblem and logos. Through the observance of this guide, it is our goal to create unified school promotions with these new university logos, and to heighten the prestige of this university’s name.

School Emblem (Symbol)

学章The former school emblem was a pattern made of the T from “Tsuru” and the U from “University” upon Mt. Fuji, and was designed to depict an active posture regarding the future. Continuing its concept and design, we’ve adjusted things like the space between lines to increase visibility, and refined its horizontality. This new school emblem was made in a flat design in order to make it compatible with today’s interconnected media.